SMEs/ user

Easily generate those all-important advertising leads by using our easily crafted forms of your choice. Gather important feedback from prospective new customers and find out just how satisfied they are with their current advertising strategies, so you can swoop in and offer them a better plan!

Advertiser/ Agency

As traditional mass marketing techniques have given way to more targeted online marketing options, new opportunities have arisen to meet the needs of today's small businesses and entrepreneurs - and you're ready to grab them.

Market Research Survey

It’s easy to conduct market research online using market research surveys. They’re an affordable and reliable way to gather information from your target markets. So whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small startup, use market research surveys to better understand your target audience.

Post Sale Survey

The Post sales / after-sales survey gives you invaluable insight into how customers feel about your company — and shows you the most profitable areas for improvement.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Your customers are key to your success. Gain insight and grow your business with online customer satisfaction surveys.

Customer Loyalty

Customer satisfaction is at the core of human experience, reflecting our liking of a company’s business activities. High levels of customer satisfaction (with pleasurable experiences) are strong predictors of customer and client retention, loyalty, and product repurchase.

Click to action on Ad

Include An Action Word - Your Ad needs to convince people to take an action - click on it. One way to think of your ad is acting like a motivational speaker. Tell your audience to get off the couch and go do something that will improve their life.

Product Surveys

Building the right products for the right people is critical to your success. Assumptions—even educated guesses—leave room for error, a risk you can’t afford to take. Gain important insights directly from your users with an online questionnaire. Does your product meet customer needs now and in the future?

Opinion Polls

Polls and surveys can be used as:

  • Opinion Polls and Surveys
  • Product or Feature Polls and Surveys

Concept Verification Survey

The definition of concept testing is the process of getting an idea evaluated by your target audience before it becomes available to the public. It includes anything from product concepts to ad campaigns.

Customized Offers Survey

Now brands are taking personalization a big step forward into mass customization. They are discovering that they can elevate customer loyalty and engagement—and use their customer base as an engine of advocacy to potential buyers.